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In the now.
What kind of man am I?
What kind of alibi is sleep?
You're not too young to die,
Don't look too hard
Or you'll never leap.
:iconpeter-t-d-walker:Peter-T-D-Walker 0 0
For every broken promise,
For every silent scream,
For each and every
Mental scar
And for every broken dream.
For every heart that's tearing,
For everyone not caring,
For all the hurting
And the bleeding,
For all the greed
In the face of needing.
For every blackened eye,
For every stitch
In every lip,
For every sobbing 'Why?',
For all the blood;
For every drip.
For all the breaks and fractures,
In every precious bone,
For all the victims
Left to die
Out in the cold
This is revenge.
:iconpeter-t-d-walker:Peter-T-D-Walker 2 0
The Trial.
Devoid of light,
Devoid of laughter,
The court is drenched in gloom,
Not dark of night
But dark of judgement
Fills the windowless room.
Shackled at feet
And shackled at hands,
Enter the theatre of the damned.
The executioner
Readies his axe,
Fair justice never intended,
The lives of men
Stripped bare and judged
And when found wanting...Ended.
Devoid of conscience,
Filled with hate,
Despising the accused,
Spitting charges into his face,
More a torture,
Less a trial,
The theories of fairness
And justice defiled.
Let it be done.
More a torture,
Less a trial,
The theories of fairness
And justice defiled.
:iconpeter-t-d-walker:Peter-T-D-Walker 0 0
Mature content
Too late. :iconpeter-t-d-walker:Peter-T-D-Walker 0 0
Mature content
The line. :iconpeter-t-d-walker:Peter-T-D-Walker 0 0
Mature content
You can't unseeWhat I've seen :iconpeter-t-d-walker:Peter-T-D-Walker 0 0
Mature content
Stop Talking :iconpeter-t-d-walker:Peter-T-D-Walker 1 0
Mature content
Life's a bitch. :iconpeter-t-d-walker:Peter-T-D-Walker 1 0
Mature content
Bleak Beginning. :iconpeter-t-d-walker:Peter-T-D-Walker 0 0
Mature content
Handle your high. :iconpeter-t-d-walker:Peter-T-D-Walker 1 0
Mutual disaster.
This isn't the ending
That either of us wanted,
Everything's over
And now we're both haunted.
Memories of the years,
The tears that we've shed,
The doubts and the fears
Crash down on my head,
The weight of our worlds
Colliding on my shoulders,
Everything we said
Playing over and over,
We've both shouted words
That we both regret,
We've both been hurt
And we've both been upset.
Crying on the phone
Asking where it went wrong,
We both saw it coming,
Knew it wouldn't be long,
So why did neither of us
Do a damn thing?
Just hid behind smiles
And music
And drink.
This isn't the ending
That either of us wanted,
Everything's over
And now we're both haunted.
:iconpeter-t-d-walker:Peter-T-D-Walker 0 0
Mature content
Prose idea 'Superspy' :iconpeter-t-d-walker:Peter-T-D-Walker 0 2
This is war.
Alliances dance into Hell and promises made burn like so much dry paper.
The trust that once was quickly dissipates and becomes anger, jealousy, hatred. Hatred that leads to the death of hundreds and sometimes thousands.
Shadows of families painted to walls like the world's most morbid mural. Lovers and offspring clinging to one another in fear, hoping against hope that any second they'll wake up but knowing in their hearts that they're headed for eternal sleep.
Screams slowly fade in to silence as nothing is left alive, leaving only the feeling that things could have happened differently...
This is war.
This is the world we have wrought.
:iconpeter-t-d-walker:Peter-T-D-Walker 1 0
Dead Future.
You'll be the first to die
When I up and decide to
Kill everyone.
You'll be the first to cry
And ask for reasons why
But I'll be doing it just for fun.
To get back at the world.
:iconpeter-t-d-walker:Peter-T-D-Walker 0 0
Deathscene Twitter Header by Peter-T-D-Walker Deathscene Twitter Header :iconpeter-t-d-walker:Peter-T-D-Walker 1 4

Random Favourites

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My life is torn and gone,
All of my hope is lost.
Your bleeding scars become my own,
Starving yourself will never help.
You headbang to your heavy metal,
I sing along to my punk.
We live two different lives,
But our depression makes them the same.
You cry only some,
But I cry so much more.
You think he's The One and he'll come back,
But at night I know he won't...
Everyone says he's bad,
But you scream and reject them.
You told me once that you only cared about yourself,
But what about your friends, your family, and him?
I ask you to stop, with fear ringing in my head,
Yet I still see bloodied scars and watered food.
Are your razors in that ripped and cut Bible still bloody?
Are your small amounts of food still in the toilet?
Are the tears you cry even real?
Or are they just for your own attention?
Everytme, Everyday I say I belive you,
But it feels as if my heart is saying no.
You always say you're lonely,
But I don't truely know my friends.
You always say you're hopeless,
But I hide
:icondarkxwolf:darkXwolf 3 4
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I Think I Love You
will you tell me how you feel
tell me if you can
i want to know your secret
tell me if you can
i think i love you
but i cant be sure
i think i'm in love with you
but i'm too secure
i dont want to tell you
i dont think you'll understand
i come to see you
a rose at hand
i think i love you my dear friend
but i dont think you love me back
what is wrong with me?
what is it i lack?
i dont want to tell you
because i dont think you'll see
i think i love you
but you dont love me
your rose at hand
and peace at heart
now is where
we go back to the start
my dear friend
i'm in love with you
all i wish
is that you love me too
:icontom-tom:Tom-tom 18 10
Winter Faerie by zilla774 Winter Faerie :iconzilla774:zilla774 425 98 :shy: by Narfmaster :shy: :iconnarfmaster:Narfmaster 95 33
These are some of my favorite peices from various deviants around dA. Lots of variety in there, but they all have one thing in common; AWESOMENESS!




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Pete Walker
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Hey guys, welcome to my page! I hope you enjoy my poetry...I also submit the odd beggining to a story or photo or whatever, but it's mainly poetry.
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Hey all!

Been months since I've been on dA and I can't make any promises that I'm going to be on a lot more, I just have some downtime at home and I thought 'Why not?'...besides that, I've been writing a bit lately so I thought I'd share.

Since I was last it has been a while...I've been with my beautiful girlfriend Amy for just over four months, now and I've never been happier. She's a gamer, a metal head and a great cook and she makes me laugh every day so yeah, that turned out pretty well.

Still in my metal band, Broken Tusk. Things have felt a little stagnant for us of late but I know for a fact that 2014 is going to be a great year for us because we have some massive things planned and I'm really excited!

I'm finally the vocalist in a band that feels like it could go somewhere. We're called Eden in Progress and we've been going, at this point, for about 5 or 6 weeks. Just started learning our first original song and it sounds great :)

I'd like to give a shoutout to :iconspenceolson:SpenceOlson for being the only person ever to use one of my stock photos from years and years ago! You can check the deviation here:…

So yeah, all is well. I may be about a little more now that I'm writing on and off again but please do forgive me if it takes a little while to get a reply or anything.


Broken Tusk: - Facebook - Twitter… - Youtube

Eden in Progress:… - Facebook


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